This page contains spoilers about the Blessed series' plot. Do not read if you don't want the story ruined for you. You've been warned!

Dark Wizard Vanquishing Spell
Cast By: Prue Halliwell
Written By: Prue Halliwell
Casr For: Vanquishing the Dark Wizard
Used In: 01x02 Whitelighters Beware!

This spell is the fifth spell used on Blessed.


This spell was written by Prue in 01x02 Whitelighters Beware! to vanquish the Dark Wizard.

The spell was created while Prue was held captive by the Dark Wizard. The full potential of this spell could only be reached when Prue was holding her brothers' hands, thus forming their strong sibling bond.


Once a whitelighter now a wizard,
the past you dislike the future you want to change.
But in the end you stay in hell fire,
no matter the hazard.

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