This page contains spoilers about the Blessed series' plot. Do not read if you don't want the story ruined for you. You've been warned!

Attic Remodel Spell
Cast By: Prue Halliwell
Written By: Prue Halliwell
Cast On: Attic
Casr For: Keeping Joey Green from finding the Book of Shadows and other magic items.
Used In: 01x03 Dragon Tales

This spell is the seventh spell used on Blessed.


This spell was cast by Prue in 01x03 Dragon Tales to change the Attic's architecture as we know it and to hide all the magic artifacts it holds, oncluding the Book of Shadows. Joey had a warrant to search the Manor due to some neighbor complaints about loud explosive noises.

Wyatt encouraged his sister to cast the spell.


What is seen should be sealed
for our secret not to be revealed.

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